A huge thank you to all of our 2022 sponsors!

Presenting Level Sponsors

Mothers’ Milk Bank

Mothers’ Milk Bank is one of the largest nonprofit milk banks in North America. We work with generous milk donors to collect, process, and distribute nearly 700,000 ounces of donor human milk each year—milk that makes a life-saving difference for fragile babies across the country. We strongly believe that donor human milk is the first choice for all babies anytime their parents’ own milk is unavailable. This is particularly true for premature babies and those with weakened immune systems, but we also proudly serve adoptive, surrogate, and other outpatient families who want to give their baby the best possible start in life. To learn more, visit milkbankcolorado.org.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @milkbankco    |   303-869-1888

Silver Level Sponsors

Mama Bird Doula Services

Mama Bird’s focus is maternal-infant health promotion for families of color. Our mission is to promote awareness, access and availability of professional Doula support and promote evidence-based, respectful maternity care to all childbearing Persons of color. We aim to promote the availability and use of skilled maternity care. We provide continuing education and networking opportunities for health, social service, self care  and mental health professionals. The ultimate goal is to improve perinatal health outcomes such as neonatal-maternal disability and death.

Mamabirdinc.com      |    info@mamabirdinc.com

Dr. Nice’s Natural Products

Dr. Nice’s Natural Products is a vegan skincare and wellness company headquartered in California. Our signature product, Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel, was formulated by a global lactation and breastfeeding pharmacology expert to provide a safe, all-natural alternative to lanolin nipple-care products. Our patented, vegan, water-based formula instantly cools and soothes sore, cracked, or chapped nipples. Our gel is a modern alternative to antiquated lanolin, oil, or butter-based products that provides a silky smooth, protective barrier to encourage longevity in breastfeeding.  Made in the USA of only 4 all natural ingredients.  Who Code Compliant.

DrNiceProducts.com      |     drnice@drniceproducts.com